Ways out of the impasse dissertation

How to avoid the demolition of the dissertation? The high dropout rate in doctoral studies show that for many of the way to coveted doctorate is no picnic. The decision to cancel the process is easy for anyone. Even in my environment I repeatedly encounter students who would plunk down because of their frustrations prefer everything.

Most of them make their way out of this crisis of meaning. In the following speech, I would briefly discuss the causes of the crisis, and how as a graduate student can make this negative spiral of frustrations and lack of success behind them.

Causes of frustration for doctoral studies

It is often the lack of success factors, which initiate the downward spiral of frustration. You get the feeling that everyone is successful around you and you are the only one who can claim no pluses. Many students first locate the fault in their environment.

It quickly someone is found: One is not enough support from superiors. Especially students who think the issue is put before them their often argue in this way. Often enough, it is also so that the superiors are incompetent and suffering from immoderate self-esteem. Even if they were, they could not help the students. In both cases, self-pity helps further. Only those who are actively working to improve its situation can find a way out of this impasse

Unfortunately, there is no general recommendation, as is the distance from the back creates frustration out. Everyone is different and requires individualized advice for him, requiring his particular situation. Some succeed despite obeying the advice and not have to give up anyway. Not always is the choice of the Ph.D. program is the right choice, and therefore the decision to discontinue be a logical step. The following tips have led students around me to break out of the impasse:

  • Set small goals part, the result of the sum in the main objective dissertation writing
  • Not only the blame on others, but also question their own actions
  • Adverse reactions from superiors not considered a personal attack
  • Managers respond to grievances and propose solutions to make
  • Be disciplined, attacking unpleasant work and finish
  • Actively looking at colleagues for help and advice